Fartai is specialized in supplying PCB Assemblies.  We utilize our experience and technical know- how to research and develop new products.
We take pleasure in providing customers all over the world with an exceptional service, a high quality product and competitive prices.
We strictly follow a “quality is the best policy” concept. With our own factory in China, we can consistently meet our customers’ need for a quick on time delivery, thus ensuring total satisfaction. We look forward to growing your business together with you. 

Quick Facts of Fartai Group
Founded in Hong Kong in 1992, Fartai focuses on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly and supply.  The EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) company was established in 2001 with corporate headquarters in Hong Kong.  The sales and supporting offices are based in Jiang Men and Shanghai. Our PCB and EMS factories are also in Jiang Men. Totally there are approximately 1,500 employees.


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