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Double sided aluminum base circuit board maintenance knowledge

Double sided aluminum base circuit board is a unique metal substrate, PCB aluminum substrate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and mechanical processing properties.
One, six months maintenance:
1. Every quarter of the dust on the PCB circuit board cleaning, available PCB circuit board special cleaning fluid cleaning, PCB circuit board dust cleaning is completed, use the hair dryer will PCB circuit board drying can be.
2 in the circuit of the electronic components have no traces of high temperature, electrolytic capacitors are not up to leakage phenomenon, such as the need for replacement.
Two, annual maintenance:
1 to clean up the dust on the PCB circuit board.
2. The PCB circuit board in the electrolytic capacitor capacity for sampling, such as the discovery of electrolytic capacitor capacity is lower than 20% of the nominal capacity, should be replaced, general electrolytic capacitor working life ten years should replace all, to ensure that the working performance of the PCB circuit board.
3. For coated with thermal grease of high power device, should check thermal grease have not to do solid, for a dry solid should be dry solid thermal grease removal after and apply new thermal grease, to prevent the PCB circuit board of high power devices due to poor heat dissipation and burn.
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