What are the characteristics of Jiangmen printed circuit board

2020-04-28 11:07:07

  PCB can be used more and more widely, because it has many common advantages, as follows.

  Can be high-density: for decades, PCB high-density can be developed with the progress of integrated circuit integration and installation technology.

  High reliability: through a series of inspections, tests and aging tests, PCB can be ensured to work reliably for a long time (generally 20 years).

  Plannability: for PCB functions (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.), it can complete PCB planning through planning standardization, standardization, etc., with short time and high efficiency.

  Producibility: modern management, standardization, scale (quantity), automation and other production, to ensure product quality consistency.

  Testability: a relatively complete test method, test standard, various test equipment and instruments are established to test and identify the qualification and service life of PCB products.

  Assembly ability: PCB products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also can be automated and mass produced. Together, PCB and various component assembly parts can also be assembled to form larger parts and systems until the whole machine.

  Maintainability: PCB products and various component assembly parts are produced in standardized planning and scale, so these parts are also standardized. Therefore, once the system breaks down, it can be replaced quickly, conveniently and sensitively, and the system work can be resumed quickly. Of course, there are more examples. Such as the system miniaturization, lightweight, high-speed signal transmission and so on.

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