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The main technological process of block hole method of double side flexible circuit board

Double-sided metal clad plate -- > drilling -- > electroless copper plating -- > full plate electroplating copper -- > plugging hole -- > screen printing imaging (positive) -- > etching -- > to screen printing materials, to plug hole material -- > cleaning -- > solder graphics -- > plug nickel plated, gold-plated -- > plug stick tape -- > hot air leveling -- > the following procedures and on to the same product.
The process is simple, the key is to block the hole and clean the hole of the ink.
In the process of plugging hole, if we do not use plugging hole and screen printing, we use a special mask to cover the hole, and then make the image. Compared with the plugging hole method, the problem of the ink in the cleaning hole is no longer exists, but the mask dry film has higher requirements.
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