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Wiring arrangement for each element in a multilayer printed circuit board

(1) the printed circuit is not allowed to have a cross circuit, for the possible intersection of the line, you can use the "drill", "around" two ways to solve. Namely, let a lead from other resistance, a capacitance, a triode tube at the foot of the void at the "drill" in the past, or from may cross at one end of a wire "around" in the past, in special circumstances how very complicated circuit, in order to simplify the design also allows with a wire jumper, solve the problem of cross circuit.
(2) resistance, diode, tubular capacitors and other components are "vertical", "horizontal" two installation methods. Vertical component perpendicular to the circuit board installation, welding, the utility model has the advantages of is space saving, referring to the horizontal is element parallel and close is arranged on the circuit board and welding, the utility model has the advantages of is component installation has good mechanical strength. These two kinds of different installation components, printed circuit board components on the hole distance is not the same.
(3) the same level circuit grounding should as close as possible, and the circuit of the power supply filter capacitor should also be in the class to access locations. Especially level at the base of the transistor, the emission pole pick location cannot be too far away, otherwise because of two ground points of the copper foil is too long will cause interference with the self, using such a grounding method of circuit, work is stable, not easy to self.
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